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About Papa T's

Papa Tronnio’s Lake City was founded in 1981 by Jim Tronnier. Tronnier opened his first Papa Tronnio’s in Prescott, WI which is still operating today.  

In 1992, Chris and Jean Miller bought the Lake City shop from Tronnier; Chris Miller being a long time employee since opening in 1981. A few years after their purchase, the Millers employed another young man that would one day follow in their footsteps to owning the distinguished pizza shop.

 In April 2016, employee Christopher Haneca fulfilled his dream to purchase Papa Tronnio’s Lake City in hopes to continue the Tronnier tradition for many years to come.

Papa Tronnio’s Lake City prides itself in using high quality ingredients including local meats and fresh, hand cut vegetables. Our dough is made daily and tossed to make a delicious, crisp, thin crust.  Local chicken is marinated and cooked through a Broasting process that keeps the food from drying out while cooking. Papa Tronnio’s has used the same recipes and ingredients for over 30 years, and this consistency is one of the main reasons we have proven to be a destination that locals and tourists return to.

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